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Radio Earpiece - 2 Wire Surveillance Kit

2 wire security kits: Push to talk switch and microphone are on two different wires.  Discreet as one can hide the Ptt cable, Versatile as one can either keep the Ptt in one hand or clip it to the collar.  For more information on choosing your earpiece. These earpieces are manufactured to the highest industry standards.


2 wire earpiece


  • Earpiece with in-line PTT button & microphone
  • Surveillance audio tube
  • Clothing clip

Price: $29

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Sentry 2-wire security earpiece


  • Surveillance audio tube
  • High quality omni directional microphone
  • Push to talk switch” (PTT) 

Price: $58

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  • Adjustable rubber ear loop
  • Integrated push-to-talk microphone
  • Speaker / mic jack
  • Push-to-talk button
  • The comfortable rubber ear loop will fit either ear

Price: $29

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Radio Chest Harnesses

Planet Headset offers two quality choices of harnesses that can hold multiple size radios, cell phones, GPS units, spare batteries and other tools. Reflective material with high-strength grommets and D-ring to secure extra gear. Lifetime warranty.

Pro Harness: comes loaded with many storage options. Fold-down platform for reading/writing. Open air back plate cuts weight and allows for airflow. Removable C-clip holds mini flashlight.
Scout Harness: is specially designed for use with a backpack. Ergonomically designed to contour backpack shoulder straps and cut out weight.

Radio Chest Harness Pro Radio Chest Harness ProRadio Chest Harness Pro
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Radio Chest Harness Pro

Perfected over time from customers' feedback The Pro harness has become one of the most comfortable and functional radio chest packs on the market.

The Pro radio chest harness works great with or without a backpack.

Pro harness features:

  • Large Wide-Mouth Main Pocket with Double Zipper Pull Closure
  • Main Pocket Snaps for Closure when Long Objects Don't Allow the Zipper to Close
  • Fold-Down Platform for Reading/Writing
  • Open Air Back Plate Cuts Weight and Allows Airflow
  • Adjustable Radio / Cell Phone / GPS Holder
  • Writing Tool Pockets
  • Main Radio Holster adjusts to Fit Multiple Radio Sizes
  • Kestrel Weather Meter / Misc. Pocket
  • Spare Battery Shell / Cell Phone Pocket
  • Hi-Strength Grommets / D-Ring to Secure Extra Gear
  • Removable Mod-u-Lox C-Clip Holds Mini Mag Lites

Our Price: $49

Radio Chest Harness Scout Radio Chest Harness Pro
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Radio Chest Harness Scout

The Scout radio chest harness was specially designed for use with a backpack. The perimeter is ergonomically designed to contour any backpack shoulder straps and cut out weight, thus decreasing discomfort and fatigue. This radio chest pack is capable of holding multiple size radios, cell phones, GPS units, and the like.

Scout harness features:

  • Contours to Backpack Shoulder Straps
  • Holds Multiple Size Radios
  • Adjustable Holder for Cell Phone/GPS Unit/Small Radio
  • Writing Tool Pocket
  • Zipper Close Internal Main Pocket

Our Price: $39